Find My iPhone iOS 11.5.0

Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone is a freeware app and service provided by Apple Inc. that tracks remote location of iOS devices, Mac computers, Apple Watch and AirPods for iOS 5 or later and OS X10.7.5 or later through iCloud. This is an integrated service for a few enabled devices and they can be tracked using an iOS app or iCloud website, currently, the app is bundled with the operating system. Continue reading

Find My iPhone iOS 11.4.4

Find My iPhoneAre you looking to buy an iPhone soon? If you are, add the app Find My iPhone in your package too. Why? Because it is an app through which you can secure your iPhone. How? It is pretty simple. You just have to download the app in your iPhone once and if in case you lost your phone anywhere, you can just trace your phone through this app. The best part of using this app is that it is totally free of cost and one can download it without any issue. But since the app is for iPhone lovers, Android people can not get the app. Apart from tracking the phone’s location in this app, you can also delete and recover the data of your app so that no one can misuse the data without your prior information. It is a safe app and one must use it if they have an iPhone. Now let us see the features of the app so that you can learn more about the app. Continue reading

Find My iPhone iOS 11.4.3

Find My iPhoneNowadays phone is everything. We keep everything on our phone only. Be it about our job, our personal life or anything else, we use the phone for everything but what if we lost the phone? Well, it is a serious issue and you should think about it. What if the phone is lost? How can we save our data from being misused or stolen? But here is an app through which keeping the data safe is possible. But since the app is for Ios users, the Android users are requested not to read it because it has nothing to do with them. There is an app Find My iPhone which is a perfect app for iPhone users. You just need to download this app on your device and once you download it, you can make an account which is free of cost. Through this account, you can track your phone if you lost it. And also, if your phone is lost somewhere, you can use the same credentials and open the account in your PC and delete all the data of your phone so that the data will be safe. But if you think that you will lose important data by doing that, then you can also recover it again when you get the phone back. It is one of the most useful app ever made for iPhone lovers. You should use it because it keeps your phone safe and is free of cost also. Continue reading

Find My iPhone iOS 11.4.0

Find My iPhoneDo you have an iPhone which you feel is costly and you should keep it safely? You can surely keep it safely and for more safety of the phone, you can use an app also. What is this app about and how can it save your phone? For this, you need to read this article first. The app we are talking about is Find My iPhone and you can download it in your iOS device so that your phone will be saved and if you lost your phone anywhere, you can track it by using the account you made in Find My iPhone app and track the current location of the phone. If you do not get your phone, the first thing you need to do is to delete the data of your phone using this app. You can delete and once you get the phone back, you can recover all the data you have lost. So it is safe and you don’t need to worry about it. Now let us read more about it. Continue reading

Find My iPhone iOS 11.3.8

Find My iPhoneHave you recently purchased a new iPhone? Well if you have purchased it, you need to have an insurance too. But you must be knowing that claiming the insurance and getting the return is not as simple as we thought it would be. It is kind of difficult task. And sometimes you even do not get it which is a pure loss. Though we can not do anything in that matter we can make it safe by downloading an app called Find My iPhone which is an exclusively iOS app only. People using iOS device can download the app and in this app, you can track your phone’s last location till the time it was on if it gets lost. Also, you can delete all your data in one go so that the thief can not misuse your data anywhere. And when you get your phone back, you can recover the data by restoring it. It is indeed an easy and safe way to keep your iPhone safe from being theft. For downloading this app, you do not need to go anywhere else. Just read this article and you will get to know it. Continue reading

Find My iPhone iOS 11.3.6

Find My iPhoneLost your phone? Want to get it back? Well, nowadays this is a common problem happens with every second person. And things become common when someone has an iPhone because it is the expensive phone and takes a lot of amounts to purchase it. But how can we get the phone back without insurance? If you have taken the insurance or have asked for it, you know that it also takes some amount to do the insurance of the phone and if you are not willing to spend that account, you can download the app Find My iPhone. The app is for when your phone gets lost and you want to track the phone. It will track your phone’s location and will let you know. You have to make an account on your iPhone and the account can be open in your PC as well if you remember the login and password details. Just log in and track the phone. Till the time, you can also delete all the data including chats and pictures of your phone by this app and can recover all the data when you get your phone back. Let us read more about it. Continue reading

Find My iPhone iOS 11.3.4

Find My iPhoneWhat would you do if you lost your iPhone somewhere? Definitely, you will be in a big trouble because the phone is a personal thing and one can not live without it as they have their all personal details saved in their phone only. Plus losing an iPhone is a big loss too because it is one of the costliest phones around and losing it means losing a lot of bucks. This thing can turn painful if you have not done its insurance yet. But for doing the insurance too, you need some good amount to invest. But if you are out of money, you can do the insurance of your iPhone for free of cost too. How? Through using an app called Find My iPhone. The app will track your phone if in case it gets theft by someone. But it will track till the time your device is on. If it is off, you can not track the phone for sure. But you can delete all your phone’s data without using your phone too. How? By login into the account, you make in the app Find My iPhone through your PC or someone’s else phone. You can delete all your saved data including the apps like Facebook and WhatsApp too and can recover it once you get back your device. Continue reading

Find My iPhone iOS 11.3.1

Find My iPhoneWant to secure your device from theft? Scared of losing your Apple device? Now, you don’t have to. Apple has bought a solution for this problem which is Find My iPhone app. This app would help all the apple users to find their devices in case of theft and lost devices. You can download the app in your device and keep the settings of the app on the secure options. This app locates your device’s location and when you are unable to find it anywhere. It also play a sound to alert the public about the lost or theft phone.

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Find My iPhone 11.3.0

Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone is an app which allows us to detect our Apple devices if gets stolen. Now, you don’t have to worry about the security of your expensive Apple devices. Apple has got a solution for this, and that is ofcourse Find My iPhone App. This app is really useful to get back your lost or stolen devices. It helps you by detecting the location of device and showing you on the map.

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Find My iPhone iOS 11.2.9

Find My iPhoneFind my iPhone is an in-built app for all Apple devices which allows the users to track their devices. It is a service provided by Apple Inc. which allows remote location tracking. The app not only tracks iPhones but also other Apple devices like iPod, iPad, Apple watch, Mac computers and Airpods. Find My iPhone service is available for any Apple device with iOS 5.0 and above. The devices can be tracked using an iOS app or the iCloud website. Find My iPhone is absolutely free of cost and the users do not have to to pay in order to use this service.

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