Find My iPhone iOS 12.4.9

Find My iPhoneWith the advent of scientific technology, mobile phones have emerged victoriously over the ages. Right from the inception of primitive Java tools to current iOS version, the world has seen a great arc of revolution. Find my iPhone is an application developed by Apple Inc. This app enables users to keep a remote location track of iOS devices. It is an integrated service for both OS and Mac OS. This application works wonders for Apple
watches, Mac Computers, iPads, iPods etc. Initially released on June 15 2010, it is a free-ware licensed software. The entire source code of the same is written in Swift programming. Find my iPhone is an unique venture which offers easy recovery of devices if lost or stolen. The security threat of losing an iPhone or other devices, with a constant threat of data intrusion and identity threat is minimized by the usage of the app. Bringing to limelight, some of the features which are highly enthusing are:-

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Find My iPhone iOS 12.3.5

Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone is a free lost smartphone finding app that can help individual to trace or defend his/her iPhone or other Apple products if they are ever misplaced from users hand. This application can be connected on any Apple device to detect the user’s device on its map that displays on the screen. It makes an alert sound to find it easily when the user is nearby to the device. To empower Find My iPhone the user just have to sign in to his/her iCloud account. Like GPS it can show the exact location to user.

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Find My iPhone iOS 12.2.5

Find My iPhoneAlso known as Find Apple on the Spring Board, Find my iPhone is an iOS application and service provided by Apple Inc. that allows remote location tracking of iOS devices. The service was previously available only for the iOS 5 and later versions. Find my iPhone was launched in the year 2010 to ensure safety of the apple devices. The service itself is integrated into iOS and macOS while enabled devices can be tracked using either an iOS app or the iCloud website. Continue reading

Find My iPhone iOS 12.2.0

Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone is a software which lets you to track the lost/stolen Apple devices or misplaced devices. The Find my iphone was officially
developed by the Apple in the year 2010. The app doesn’t only tracks the
device but can also assist in wiping all the important information of the
device through remotely control. The application is also available for
other Apple devices by the names Find my iPad, Find my iPod and Find
my Mac respectively. The Find my iphone in the device can be enabled
by launching the settings app and then tap on the Apple ID , then tap the
iCloud option , scroll down and enable the Find my iPhone.The application comes with a remote location tracking service which locates the phone. The Apple ID the reference id through which the lost mobile phone can be tracked out. The primary requirement for the application to work is it should be installed in both the Apple mobiles. In the Find my iPhone application a lock mode feature is available which locks the device with a password .  Continue reading